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Tutor and StudentAt MathSmart Tutoring, we believe that learning should be affordable, effective, and available to all children and teens. We offer proven tutoring services across Washington D.C and Suburban Maryland, as well and Northern Virginia, with an 19 year track record. We care about helping kids get the grades they deserve and are working so hard for.

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About Us

Operating from our Gaithersburg, Maryland office, we are the only private tutoring agency in the Washington D.C. Metro area that provides in-home private tutoring solely in math and science courses.

We are the math and science tutoring gurus. The President of the company, a scientist and math expert himself, personally tests all of his tutors by asking the applicants to give him a mock tutoring session in a math or science topic. This enables him to evaluate whether the interviewee is not only an expert in math and science but can also convey the material effectively. Applicants are also subjected to a written test along with general tutoring questions to allow him to judge the applicant’s demeanor. Because of our stringent hiring requirements, we only hire a fraction of tutors who apply to MathSmart Tutoring.

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MathSmart Tutoring Student Results

MathSmart Tutoring performed a 5-year statistical study using our tutors and students ranging from elementary through high school levels. We collected data from all students in their first semester with us, who started with a grade of “B” or lower, rarely cancelled tutoring sessions, and regularly did their homework in school. Our study found that our students improved their test scores by an average of two full letter grades by the end of their math and science courses. Most MathSmart students received an “A” in their second semester with us as their final letter grade.

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Our Guarantee

We guarantee that the first session with your tutor will be to your satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with your tutor during the student’s first session, MathSmart Tutoring will refund your money in full, and will offer you a complimentary session with another tutor of your choice.

About Dan

Dan Eiblum Math Smart Tutoring Washington DC

Born in NYC, went to Woodward High School in Rockville, MD, BA University of Chicago M.S.Ed. Johns Hopkins.



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Who I am, and why I want to help students succeed.

I have tutored mathematics, in grades one through college calculus, and math SAT and GRE test preparation for twenty years. I have a BA in Geophysical Sciences from the University of Chicago, a BS in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Maryland, and a MS degree in education from Johns Hopkins University. I am the Editor and Co-author of Math SAT 800: How to Master the Toughest Problems, Editor and Co-author of SAT Math 800: Challenge Yourself to the Perfect Score, Editor and Co-Author of Praxis I Math: My Private Tutor, Editor of SAT Vocabulary Lightning and Editor of How to Master GRE Vocabulary. In my spare time, I like to write comedy screenplays and invent board games.

I believe that all students are capable of doing well in school. No educator should give up on a student. Students need encouragement and emotional support from their parents, teachers, and fellow students as they progress in school. I also believe that much should be expected from children. It is the shared responsibility of the student, the tutor and/or teacher, and the parent to improve the student’s grades. Doing homework every day is essential to the student’s progress and is sometimes more important than the tutoring itself.

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“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication to my daughter during the past several months. Without your kind and patient attention, she would have fallen to the bottom of the barrel in algebra very quickly, and would never have been able to recover. She worked very well with you, and while I know there were some rough spots, you kept her on task and – most importantly – feeling good about herself that she was able to do those things she never thought she could do. Math is very difficult for her, as you know, and yet I heard you two talking and laughing during your work together and I knew you had the magic touch needed to make her care. I will be delighted to provide references for you for years to come, and I again thank you for being such a gentle and warm person who can work with a 15 year old and not intimidate her, and even gain her confidence. I don’t know what she would have done without you!”

- Paula Freer


Even Einstein Once Had A Tutor

In addition to general homework help, preparation for quizzes and tests, and math enrichment,
we provide in-home private tutoring for the following subjects.

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If you’re like any other parent, you only want the best education for your child. But – every kid is different. Sometimes, their time in the classroom isn’t enough to unleash their full potential. If your little one needs more motivation, confidence, and self-esteem by finding a math tutor near you, let MathSmart Tutoring help with the highest quality in home tutoring services online! If you’re searching for a qualified math tutor in Bethesda, this is it.

MathSmart tutoring is the brainchild of an in home math tutor who decided to fuel his passion for early childhood education. Today, we offer a range of local tutoring services for children of all ages and levels, and across all subjects. From math to science, chemistry, Algebra, Physics, and beyond, our in home math tutors do it all.

The MathSmart difference

What sets us apart is that we test our tutors more thoroughly than any other math tutors in Bethesda. All candidates are asked to personally tutor our founder in a scenario where he pretends to be the student. This hands-on process for in home tutoring services filters out only the most worthy candidates, so we can maintain our reputation as the leading provider of local tutoring services online. While most tutoring centers are run by elementary school teachers or marketing majors, a fancy term for salespeople, tutoring is all we do all day. We work hard to select the cream of the crop. Your child is always in safe hands with our in home tutoring services.

To date, we’ve received nothing but compliments regarding our local tutoring services, focusing on quality of services.  Reach out to get in touch and learn more about MathSmart Tutoring…and give your child the gift of learning today!